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Tips on Refrigerator + Washing Machine + Microwave

Size it up: The most important consideration while buying an appliance is its capacity. For e.g. 2 people generally need 8- 10 cubic feet of storage and add an extra cubic feet per additional person.

Tips on 2 Side-by-Side refrigerators, 4 Double Door Refrigerators

Space Jam? Side-by-side models take up much less space with the doors open and also allow easier access to freezer and other compartments.

Tips on Air-conditioners

Give it a break: Never turn your A/C off then back on in less then five minutes. This may cause permanent damage to your compressor.

Tips on Washing Machines & Dryers

Sort ‘em out: Sorting your clothes to organize your washing helps you optimize the usage of your machine. For e.g. Washing all dark clothes together at luke warm temperature.

Tips on Vacuum cleaner

Clean the Cleaner: A clogged dirt bag overheats your vacuum cleaner and puts more strain on your motor

Tips on Irons

Ironing it out: Never clean your iron when it’s hot. To get rid of dry build-ups use a cotton swab gently, if its oily use a wet rag and if its waxy turn the iron on to its highest setting and run it across a newspaper.

Tips on Microwave

Only 3 cups instead of 4: Since microwave cooking evaporates less moisture from the food reduce the liquid specified in your conventional recipe by 1/4th cup from each glass.

Tips on Mixer Jars

Upto the brim: Many a times, without realization, mixer jars get overfilled resulting in overloading. Ensure that your mixer has overload protection function.

Hottest Way To Stay Cool

Maintenance: Always store food with strong odour separately as it will help retain the freshness

Small But Powerful

Keeping It Clean: Always ensure the mouth of the vacuum cleaner supports different functions as per your requirement

Tips on Laptops & Computers

Battery power: The actual performance of your laptop battery depends upon the components, environmental conditions and the applications running on it.

Save your battery: If you leave your devices constantly plugged into external power, its battery capacity is slowly reduced (up to 5%) over time.

Bust that Dust: Dust, spider webs, pet hair, cigarette ash etc. can lead to overheating of components inside and make your computer unstable. So, keep it clean inside!

Latest on Laptops

What would it be: A power packed hi-end model or a smart one that fits the bill. Choose your laptop by prioritising your Needs.

Digital Facelift OR Accessorize

Looking Good: Always use printer specified toner for smoother printing

Tips on Mobiles

Upwardly mobile? Third Generation (3G) mobile phones provide you with high-speed mobile services, including video calling and messaging, e-mail, information services and much more.

Tips on PDA's

Stay connected: Infrared, Bluetooth, wireless LAN & wireless WAN are the different options for wireless connectivity on your PDA phone.

More on Mobiles

Calling Help: Pay attention to the signal strength indication on your mobile. The power used by your phone can vary by as much as 16 times depending on whether you are getting good signals from the local transmitter.

Tips on Home Theatre Systems

Bass Basics: Make sure that you configure bass management or the way your receiver handles low frequency data to get the best possible sound from your home theatre.

Tips on LCD

Go slow: The lower the pixel response time (measured in ms) of you LCD the better the image quality in fast moving scenes.

Keep the lights on: Due to higher contrast ratio in LCD TVs, you don’t have to turn off the lights to see clearly nor does a lamplight cause a glare on screen.

Tips on Plasma

Corner-to-corner: Plasma TVs tend to have superior viewing angles (VA). VA is how far you can sit on side of a screen before the picture's quality is affected.

Tips on DVD

DVD and Mp3: Check if your DVD Player is Mp3 compatible. This will increase the functionality of your DVD player and you need not buy a separate Mp3 player.

Avoid Stacking: Stacking of DVDs may cause the peeling away of the protective film on the underside thus rendering the DVD useless.

Tips on Camcorders

Shooting in the dark: The hallmark of a good digital video camera is not just how well it shoots in normal interior lighting but also in low light areas like a dimly lit basement.

Tips on Accessories

Lend an ear: The size of every person's ear is different and you should get a pair that fits well to derive optimal quality. Also look for good quality sound output.

Travel light: If you are an everyday train traveller, do not opt for circum-aural (around your head) headphones since they are heavy and might get stuffy.

Get The Perfect Picture

Numbers Game: Know the Contrast Ratio. The measure of the brightest white to the darkest black and is expressed as the number of shades of gray in between. (best: 1500:1 contrast ratio ).

Change Your View

Power Play: Use carpeting or drapes to cover surfaces as bare surfaces can reflect sound and affect its quality

Hottest On Your Home Front

Power Play: Use carpeting or drapes to cover surfaces as bare surfaces can reflect sound and affect its quality

Tune Up

Have A Different Beat: Accessories help to jazz up your buddy without burning a hole in your pocket.


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